Investment grade domain names include the following properties: registered in the past (not a new registration), aged, premium, descriptive and generic. These qualities reduce the potential downside: if a development project fails on an investment grade domain name, it’s easier to flip the domain name for at least the acquisition cost.
Geographic domain names are fantastic because they come with “built-in branding”: the people who live in that geographic area already know the domain name — at least they think they do, even if there isn’t a functioning website on the domain name yet.
Sometimes we don’t want to pay full price. Making a fair offer shows you are serious and is more likely to start a dialogue.

When submitting offers, say, $5,000 for a domain name, you most likely thinks it’s worth $10,000 and can flip it for $18,000. As a rule, most offers are between 85- 95% of the estimated value for a domain name. But do your valuation research first or you are likely to insult someone by offering 50% of a too-low value. Also, it doesn’t make sense to offer $1,000 or $1,500 because chances are good that someone else has done that.
When you do decide it is your time to flip a domain name to another investor, you may only make a 10-40% profit but moving quickly generates cash flow to put into more domains. The longer cycle time of an end user sale may generate 50-80% profit, or more.
People generally search for long terms phrases like “cannabis attorney in Florida”, so if you are developing a site and have those words in the name like chances are good your going to rank well.

Start today by thinking of 5-10 great domain names that you would think are great for the cannabis industry and check online to see if they are available. You will soon see they are mostly all gone. Folks got ahold of them a couple of years ago and those will get sold, then sold again, and again and again. Please look through our available domains on Dope Investor as well as our sister site There really is no time like the present.